Our Team

Mike Abraham



Mike is a qualified chartered certified accountant with 21 years of experience in the field of accounting. He is in charge of creating business plans for our clients. With a wide range of business experience, Mike has helped numerous clients develop their business from the point of inception to strategic planning and long-term positive results. All business plans are vetted and approved by Mike before they are sent to the Endorsing Organisations.

Tia Cameron



Tia is the head of Instance Management Unit (IMU). She is responsible for keeping things moving in the right direction. If there are queries from any party, she will handle them. In addition, Tia sets deadlines for important milestones and keeps everything running efficiently. If you need anything or have a question, Tia can help.

Andy Warren

Visa Support Officer


Andy works to help each applicant maneuver through the mine field of attaining a business visa. He helps our clients to make all their arrangements and complete all necessary documentation so that the process will run smoothly. He can help applicants with anything from airline tickets to accommodations. If you need airport pickup or have questions about any of your arrangements, Andy can help.

Safdar Iqbal

Marketing Officer


Safdar is in charge of Agent Partner development. He works globally to find the right agents for our start-up business visa programme. He is a key component of our organisation, ensuring that it functions properly with the right connections to expedite our visa platform.

Jimmy Young

Head of Accounting


Jimmy is responsible for handling fees, charges and deposits. He maintains all the financial ledgers so that our clients are aware of the fees they’ve paid or may still need to pay. If you are eligible for a refund of any charges, please consult with Jimmy.

Masdeep Kaur

Admin Support


All new client files are handled by Mandy. Using our CMR system, Mandy tracks each case. She keeps our clients informed about how their case is going. If you are enquiring about the progress of your case, then please contact Mandy.